N-Scale EMD F7
Power for the Super Chief!

Prototype Information
Following the very successful release of the California Zephyr in N scale, comes the "Super Chief." It will be available in individual F7A and F7B locomotive units and three different 4-car passenger car sets, so that you can enjoy operating this well-known Santa Fe train while incrementally adding locomotives and cars to eventually build your train into the complete 1953 weekend "Super Chief" consist.
Model Features
  • DCC-friendly
  • Selectable A-unit road number -- although printed number board #300 is factory-installed, additional number boards 301 and 304 will be provided for personalized renumbering by hobbyist.
  • A-unit LED directional headlight and illuminated number boards
  • KATO magnetic knuckle couplers
  • B-unit is not numbered but will include extra pre-printed number boards 302 and 305 for A-unit for additional enjoyment of road number selection.
Super Chief F7, MSRP $85.00/ea [November, 2005]
Stock # Railroad Paint Scheme Road # MSRP
176-2121 Santa Fe F7A Warbonnet 300 301 304
(incl numberboards)
176-2211 Santa Fe F7B Warbonnet F7A Numberboards
302 305

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